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The nose, which attracts the most attention after the eyes on the human face, has always been considered as a complementary element of beauty. In ancient societies, the definition of beautiful nose constantly varied, sometimes arched and big nose were accepted as the indicator of nobility, and sometimes they were used to describe different races. Today, the form considered optimal is determined by the average result of measurements on the (European) white human race. With the increase of communication technology, hospital qualities and population, Rhinoplasty has become one of the most performed surgeries in the increasing aesthetic flow. What is nose aesthetics? It is a plastic surgery that causes congenital discordant image or to eliminate deformities in the nose after trauma. With this surgery, it is aimed to obtain curved cartilage that prevents the breathing and to get a nose that is more comfortable with the breathing of the nose, which is bigger than normal. Who can have a rhinoplasty? Anyone who has reached the age of 18 and has no obstacles to general anesthesia may have this surgery. You should make the decision of rhinoplasty yourself, because your face is yours and the decisions to be made about it must be yours.

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