Face Lift

Although we cannot prove the existence of time in a tangible way, it is possible to find traces everywhere it passes. In growing children, old buildings, changing seasons, faded paintings and many changes, we cannot pass without mentioning his name. In the same way, our entire body, even our thoughts, live and age over time, like the lungs that use oxygen, until all the people who have come to the world disappear.

The struggle of the 21st century over time has never been so controversial in history. Although we can speed up many things in our daily lives, when we look at each mirror, we can see that we cannot afford some things. At this point, plastic surgery comes into play and the beauty of face lift surgery is revealed.

With advancing age, both tissue-related and with the effect of gravity, sagging in the forehead, eye area, neck areas, drooping down with a decrease in cheek volume and therefore wrinkles occur. Sometimes we can create a more lively and wrinkle-free face by adding only face-neck stretching and sometimes oil injection.

Operation technique

In general, an incision is made that extends from just behind the ear to the back and scalp. Contrary to popular belief, removing loose skin is not the main operation of the operation. After the loose skin structure is released, the layer called SMAS is also sewn to the points where stretching will be performed with surgical threads that do not melt. This is the process that provides the main stretch on the face. These points are the cheekbone top, the front of the ear, the back of the ear. After this procedure, the excess skin structure is removed and the cut line is sutured.

It is the suspension made to the SMAS structure that determines the main success of the operation. Many techniques have been described for the suspension of this structure. If the suspension is successfully done, it does not matter which technique is applied.

Mini Face Lift

If the sagging face is not advanced, it is done with a smaller incision made just in front of the ear. However, the cosmetic appearance may not be tolerated in the early period, as the seam line is shrunken so that there is no pots on the skin edges. It is not a technique that I personally prefer. I advise my patients to wait a little longer and have a normal face lift.

Who can have face lift surgery?

In general, women and men over 50 may have this surgery. If the sagging amount is higher after the clinical examination, this surgery can be performed at a younger age.

Preoperative evaluation

The amount of sagging, wrinkles, loss of volume on the cheeks and sagging neck are evaluated. If there is a severe loss of volume on the cheeks, it may be necessary to fill with oils obtained by liposuction in the same surgery. The patient is informed about the operation process and after. Possible risks and interventions in such problems are explained.

If you have previous surgery, high blood pressure, diabetes, chronic diseases such as goiter, allergy to any medicine or food, you should definitely inform if you have medications you have to use. If you are smoking, you should quit before surgery, and you should not drink until the stitches heal afterwards.