Butt Aesthetics (BBL)

The spots that reveal the ideal butt shape; Criteria such as the butt being round, butt overflowing from the hips, the line between the two butt extending to the waist-butt boundary, the waist-butt angle is higher than 45 degrees, the butt leg transition is prominent, and the height and weight are compatible. However, for a nice butt, it is not necessary to have all of these criteria at the same time. Because some structures that cannot be changed (hip and leg bone structure and length, shape of butt muscles, skin thickness) prevent all criteria from being met.

A saggy flat appearance can occur in the butt area in the male or female due to familial predisposition or weight gain. Asymmetric fat storage causes body-basins to look greasy and thick, butt small and flat.

How to create the ideal butt with Aesthetic Surgery?

Transactions to be made under the main headings;

* Liposuction-Butt enlargement with oil
* Butt enlargement with silicone prosthesis
* Surgical removal of sagging skin.

The technique to be used varies as each patient´s problem is unique. What can be done after the examination is determined.

Butt aesthetics with liposuction

Firstly, the oils obtained with Liposuction made in different parts of the body, especially the waist, abdomen, buttocks, are passed through certain filtering and centrifugation processes and given to certain points to make the butt appear round and upright. The amount to be given depends on the person´s need and the ability to take the tissue. The body structure is made thin and the butt is brought to the fore with the liposuction process applied to the waist and leg hips. Since the oil filling given to the patient will dissolve in a certain amount over time, more applications are performed than usual.

Butt aesthetics with silicone prosthesis

If there is not enough in the body, magnification with a silicone prosthesis can be preferred. The prostheses used are harder and different shapes than breast prostheses. The butt prosthesis placed inside or under the butt muscle with incisions made from the inside of the coccyx provides an upright and plump butt appearance without losing its lifetime volume. In this operation, the body can be made thinner by applying liposuction to the waist area. It is a more painful procedure compared to fat filling and you will not need to lie on your back for 1 month and sit using a special butt cushion.